5 Gardening Products to Start your New Year off Right

Many of my close friends know that I have dreamed of starting an urban agriculture store for many years.  My vision includes a one-stop-shop providing all the basic supplies for the edible backyard garden enthusiast.  Additionally, I hope to offer gardening products chosen for their aesthetic appeal as well as their functionality.

In honor of the New Year and the focus on dreams it brings, I am highlighting 5 gardening products I wish I could offer you in my store. These items get the job done while being a pleasure to have and hold.

1. Artifact Bag Co. Barkeeper Apron

It’s surprisingly hard to find a decent half-length gardening apron. It must have enough pockets of varying sizes to hold a notebook, phone, plant labels, pencil, trowel, and pruning shears. It must be heavy duty. And, it must not look like a 50’s throwback my grandma made. After much research, I found a match at Artifact Bags with the company’s No. 305 Barkeeper Apron.  Not only does it meet the criteria, but it also comes in 14 colors!  Fun!

2. Terrain Vertical Copper Plant Markers

Every time my husband wants a fresh herb for cooking, I tell him we have it in the garden.  Every time he responds with a blank look and the need for complex directions on how to locate it. To avoid this repetitive conversation, I have been thinking about investing in plant markers for my assorted herbs.  The markers should be easy to read and label, not too flimsy, should last for many seasons, and of course, be attractive! The Plant Markers from Terrain, are just that.

3. Hunter Women's RHS Short Rain Boots

These beautiful Hunter gardening boots feature a floral design from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) archives and are a rare and wonderful ankle length height. I often feel the popularity of the half-calf length boots are a bit of an over kill.  We’re not gardening in bogs here, people.

4. Haws Indoor 1L Watering Can

For over 100 years, Haws has produced both the most functional and beautiful watering cans available to the home gardener. While metal cans are the crème de la crème (with a correspondingly astronomical price tag), they have great plastic varieties, too.  I have used a plastic Haws indoor 1L watering can with my seed starts for almost a decade.  It gently sprinkles on delicate seeds and starts, and when you want to get to more heavy duty watering, it has a removable spray brass nozzle that can be stored on the can while not in use.

5. Memo Seed Saver Envelopes

While there are many ways to save seeds, and purchasing envelopes is never a necessity, I find real joy in an attractive paper product. An attractive fun seed saver envelope is also a nice touch when you share seeds.  Your friends will immediately know the intrinsic value of the any seeds so preciously cared for and contained in this well-designed Seed Saver envelope from Memo.

My garden may not look much better in 2016, but these 5 fabulous gardening products may help me look better while I’m it. You can find additional gardening products I love on my Pintrest page.  

From my garden to yours, I wish you a joyous and bountiful 2016.